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Retirement has never sat well with former Navajo Tribal Police Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn.


Now the ghosts of a still-unsolved case are returning to haunt him, reawakened by a

photograph in a magazine spread of a one-of-a-kind Navajo rug, a priceless work of woven

art that was supposedly destroyed in a suspicious fire many years earlier.


The rug, commemorating one of the darkest and most terrible chapters in American history,

was always said to be cursed, and now the friend who brought it to Leaphorn's attention has mysteriously gone missing.


With newly wedded officers Jim Chee and Bernie Manuelito just back from their honeymoon,

the legendary ex-lawman is on his own to pick up the threads of a crime he'd once thought

impossible to untangle.


And they're leading him back into a world of lethal greed, shifting truths, and changing faces, where a cold-blooded killer still resides. Since his retirement from the Navajo Tribal Police, Joe Leaphorn has been called on occasionally by his former colleagues to help them solve a

puzzling crime.


And Leaphorn, aided by Jim Chee and Bernie Manuelito, always delivers. But this time,

the problem is with an old case of Joe's --his "last case," unsolved and haunting him. And

with Chee and Bernie on their honeymoon, Leaphorn is on his own. The case involved a

priceless Navajo rug gone missing. Now, years later, Leaphorn is picking up the threads of a

crime he'd thought impossible to solve. Hillerman is at the top of his form in this atmospheric and stunning novel.


The Shape Shifter

  • The Shape Shifter

    ISBN-13: 9780060563479

    ISBN-10: 0060563478

    Author: Tony Hillerman

    Binding: Mass Market Paperback

    Publisher: Harper Collins

    Published: December 2006

    List Price: $9.99


  • Very Good pre-owned condition.

    It almost looks like a new book.