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The two inept bandits who staged the Great Taos Bank Robbery got away, though

empty-handed -- and ended up panhandling downtown, somehow overlooked by the police

hunting them everywhere else.


They thus entered the annals of local lore -- along with the Great Flood of 1935, a three-day

drizzle that caused an epidemic of leaky adobe roofs in the usually arid Taos.


These stranger-than-fiction true stories are from master storyteller Tony Hillerman's own

collection of favorite anecdotes.


Reading the stories himself, he captures the quirky character of Taos and other areas of New Mexico as only a loving resident -- and great writer -- could, skillfully using regional tales to comment wryly on the most universal of human foibles.

The Great Taos Bank Robbery

  • The Great Taos Bank Robbery and Other Indian Country Affairs

    ISBN-13: 9780061011733

    ISBN-10: 0061011738

    Author: Tony Hillerman

    Edition: Reprint

    Binding: Mass Market Paperback

    Publisher: HarTorch

    Published: March 1997

  • Very Good pre-owned condition. Slight markings from tape on the back. Slight cover wear from age.