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What if there were a weight-loss diet that allowed you to eat your favorite foods and be completely satisfied, without ever counting calories or restricting food groups again?


What if this diet was supported by scientific research from the prestigious Yale

Prevention Research Center and was clinically proven to help you shed excess pounds quickly and safely, improve your blood sugar, lower your blood pressure, and reverse other key markers of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease?


That diet is here From Dr. David Katz, acclaimed director of Yale's Prevention Research Center, ABC News' chief medical correspondent and O Magazine's nutrition columnist, comes THE FLAVOR POINT DIET, a mouthwatering, groundbreaking diet drawn from

cutting-edge science that maximizes you’re eating pleasure, optimizes your health, and guarantees permanent weight loss. By combining foods selected by flavor, this

research-based breakthrough method tricks your brain into being satisfied all day long, so you don't eat when you don't need to. Following flavor themes by week, day, meal

and dish, you'll learn to reach the Flavor Point-- the moment at which you feel

completely full and deliciously satisfied-- sooner, so you can shed pounds faster Just

follow the delectable step-by-step menu plan and you'll lose up to 32 lbs in 12 weeks. Boasting 12 weeks of menu plans, over 150 new recipes, and testimonials (with before and after photos) from Dr. Katz's clinical studies, the book also offers substitution lists, helpful tools, dozens of tips on how to adapt the plan to fit each reader's personal

tastes and lifestyles, and a complete blueprint for using the scrumptious new method for life.

Plus, there's no need to prepare alternate meals for the rest of the family-- it's nutritionally healthy for all, even for kids


The Flavor Point Diet: The Delicious, Breakthrough Plan to Turn Off Your Hunger

  • ISBN-13: 9781594861628

    ISBN-10: 1594861625

    Authors: David L. Katz; Catherine S. Katz PhD

    Binding: Hardcover

    Publisher: Rodale Books

    Published: December 2005

    List Price: $24.95 


  • New - Front cover a little folded from storage.