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You'll discover the secrets to creating professional and inviting e-mail messages, locating receptive respondents, tracking the results, and finding out whether your program is working. You'll be able to: Combine e-mail with other marketing media Develop a winning strategy, build a quality e-mail list, and find success Comply with anti-spam laws Set reasonable objectives Decide whether to use an e-mail service provider Brand your e-mails Build relationships with your customers Increase your "open" rate and find out who's actually opening your e-mails Use e-mail to improve search engine optimization And if you're not a bona fide, pocket-protector-carrying geek, this book is perfect. It's written for business people who need to get return on their time as well as their marketing efforts. Whether you read it straight through or dive right into the part you need most, E-Mail Marketing For Dummies is all about using e-mail to help your business prosper.

InfoUsa's Direct Mail for Dummies

  • Direct Mail for Dummies (InfoUSA;s)

    ISBN-13: 9780764549991

    ISBN-10: 0764549995

    Author: Richard Goldsmith

    Binding: Paperback

    Publisher: Wiley Publishing

    Published: December 2002

  • Very Good pre-owned condition.