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Third book in the Iceman series featuring the adventures of the Iceman, who has worked his way up from pimping in Harlem to becoming one of the richest "Blacks" in the world, even owning an exclusive island where the rich come to play



Iceman, No. Three: Slick Revenge by Joseph Nazel

  • Format: Paperback

    Language: English

    ISBN: 0870670883

    Release Date: April 1983

    Publisher: Holloway House Publishing Company

    Length: 224 Pages

    Dimensions: 6.8" x 0.5" x 4.3"

  • A readable copy. All pages are intact.

    Spot on the side and Front Cover

    Impression and discoloration on the front cover from storage

    Inside pages are in Very Good Condition with the exception of one page being folded over.

    Discoloration from age