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Ace reporter John Cotton is a fly on the wall -- seeing all, hearing all, and keeping out

of sight. But the game changes when he finds his best friend's corpse sprawled on the marble floor of the central rotunda of the U.S. Capitol. Suddenly Cotton knows too

much about a scandal centered around a senatorial candidate, a million-dollar scam,

and a murder.


And he hears the pursuing footsteps of powerful people who have something to hide ... and a willingness to kill to keep their secrets hidden. Reporter John Cotton was adept  at remaining in the background. Then, his best friend was murdered, and John found 

his secret notebook, telling of a scandal involving a senatorial candidate. Soon John heard powerful people with something to hide.

Fly on The Wall

  • Author: Tony Hillerman Language English
    Publication Year: 1990 Format: Paperback


  • Good pre-owned condition.

    The cover is bent from improper storage and use.

    Someone wrote the Letter (H) on the side of Book.

    Inside pages appear to be in very good shape.