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The car fire didn't kill Navajo Tribal Policeman Delbert Nez, a bullet did.


Officer Jim Chee's good friend Del lies dead, and a whiskey-soaked Navajo shaman is found with the murder weapon. The old man is Ashie Pinto. He's quickly arrested for homicide and defended by a woman Chee could either love or loathe. But when Pinto won't utter a word of confession or denial, Lt. Joe Leaphorn begins an investigation.


Soon, Leaphorn and Chee unravel a complex plot of death involving an historical find, a lost fortune...and the mythical Coyote, who is always waiting, and always hungry.

Coyote Waits

  • Coyote Waits

    ISBN-13: 9780061099328

    ISBN-10: 0061099325

    Author: Tony Hillerman

    Edition: Reprint

    Binding: Paperback

    Publisher: Harper Torch

    Published: December 1990



  • Someone wrote the Letter (H) on the side of Book

    Other than that, the book appears to be in very good pre-owned condition.

    Very slight wear.