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Anne Hillerman, the talented daughter of bestselling author Tony Hillerman, continues his

popular Leaphorn and Chee series with Spider Woman's Daughter, a Navajo Country

mystery, filled with captivating lore, startling suspense, bold new characters, vivid color, and

rich Southwestern atmosphere.


Navajo Nation Police Officer Bernadette Manualito witnesses the cold-blooded shooting of

someone very close to her. With the victim fighting for his life, the entire squad and the local

FBI office are hell-bent on catching the gunman. Bernie, too, wants in on the investigation,

despite regulations forbidding eyewitness involvement. But that doesn't mean she's going to

sit idly by, especially when her husband, Sergeant Jim Chee, is in charge of finding the



Bernie and Chee discover that a cold case involving his former boss and partner, retired

Inspector Joe Leaphorn, may hold the key. Digging into the old investigation, husband and

wife find themselves inching closer to the truth...and closer to a killer determined to prevent

justice from taking its course.

Anne Hillerman Spider Woman's Daughter.

  • Spider Woman's Daughter

    ISBN-13: 9780062270481

    ISBN-10: 0062270486

    Author: Anne Hillerman

    Edition: First Edition

    Binding: Hardcover

    Publisher: Harper

    Published: October 2013

    List Price: $26.99


  • The book itself is in excellent, almost New Like Condition with the exception of the previous owner writing there name in the book.

    See photos inside cover.